Act 162

When it comes to dental work, don’t be afraid to show your teeth.

I got a quote today for two filings on baby teeth. $381 plus change. Seriously?

I called my (former) dentist and told them it was prohibitively expensive and I will no longer be a customer because judging by the quote, I’m clearly a customer, not a patient.

I’ll take the quote and shop it around to see what other dentists have to offer. I don’t hold out much hope. Dental care is not affordable unless you have a plan and because you have a plan, the rates are higher. It’s price fixing and in any other industry, it would be illegal. It should be illegal. I feel robbed. So I’m showing my teeth (and the quote too).

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2 thoughts on “Act 162

  1. I know fillings aren’t an emergency, but our local board of health covers emergency dental for under-18s if you don have benefits and the money to pay. Perhaps yours does, too? we heard about it through word of mouth. We went this route when our daughter broke her two front teeth out at age 3. They didn’t, however, cover the heinously criminal “behaviour management fees” of $250 at the pediatric dentist. She didn’t make a peep the whole time! I should definitely have shopped around instead of just taking the referral.

    Just started reading after I heard you on Jerry Agar this week. The night before we had just committed to getting serious about our debt. I like your perspective and thoughts!

    • Thanks for the kind words Steph.

      I admit I have a phobia when it comes to dentists so I’m skeptical at the best of times. My son is 8 and it was a baby tooth. In fact, two days later, the same tooth on the other side fell out. So I’m reluctant to proceed knowing it could fall out any moment and all would have been for nothing – but for the heinous fees, as you say. Having said that, I have had good luck with some dentists on some occasions. It’s just a risk I have to manage and in this case, it wasn’t worth it for a baby tooth.

      We’re normal income earners, we should be able to have access to affordable dental without having an insurance plan. My real concern is that all the programs that exist in terms of financial assistance don’t exist because people are low income but because the dental industry’s model is based on price fixing. That’s only my view.

      Enjoyed the interview with Jerry. Hope T.O is recovering from the storm. Appreciate you getting in touch. Have a debt defying day!

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