Act 160

Stand up for yourself

I tried this today. It took me months to get up enough courage to do it. I was nervous and determined to do it without being reduced to a pile of mush.

And it worked. I had some unresolved issues with a business  – one that’s been important in my work life – and managed to find a polite and professional way to tell them that they, and I quote, “threw me under the bus”, and I didn’t deserve to be treated that way. And there were many opportunities for improvement.

If nothing else, it restored my faith in myself, if only for a short time. We need to dig deep sometimes and just call things the way they are. People will listen if it’s done politely and with a purpose.

Bullying and bad behaviour is much more common in business than we like to admit. As far as I’m concerned, business is personal. We are people after all. So stand up for yourself and consider it a proud personal accomplishment.

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