Act 157


Consignment is an interesting business proposition. You transfer the goods but retain the ownership until such time as the goods are sold or delivered. Like barter, it’s an ancient practice and still a popular one.

I tried my local consignment shop today. It’s very humbling to deliver your wares and hope they will be accepted for “transfer”. All the same, a couple of items (mostly shoes that were adored but never worn), were accepted and now we’ll wait and see what sells.

It’s an experiment for me. I certainly don’t know what or when or how much to expect. But I certainly didn’t have very high expectations of those items while they sat in my closet. So it was worth a try.

Do you consign? Has it been worth your while? I’d love to know more.

2 thoughts on “Act 157

  1. I do when I can! Our local kids’ consignment store just closed and she cut me a cheque for $100. I’ve also purchased plenty of secondhand stuff for my kids there with y consignment credit. Works well for us! The worst that happens is it doesn’t sell and they donate what you were going to donate anyway.

  2. I know, right? A no-brainer now. Wish I’d tried this years ago when my kids were younger. I consigned a few things and have a $30 credit now. $30 more than I had when those things were hanging in my closet not being used! Cheers.

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