Act 155

Do boys get better credit?

I think they might. Believe or not, our government has done studies on banking biases against women, especially in business. I could have told them that for free.

My husband’s credit is cheaper than mine. Is that fair? Nope. Mind you, there probably aren’t that many guys walking around with an HBC master card, sears card or IKEA card in their wallet. That seems to be our department, ladies.

Yet, the real truth is that women run most households and manage most family budgets. And, as for the real definition of economics, it might surprise you to learn, – are you ready for this – is household management – from the greek word for house and manager. Surprised? Nope. Me neither.

My husband got me my car loan. My husband got us the better rate on a credit card. My husband got a higher limit too. I can hardly get change for a dollar. Why is that? We should be asking. And we deserve to know the answer.


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