Act 152

Make your own patties

With BBQ season in full swing, it’s tempting to pick up some ready made burgers – meat or veggie – for a quick al fresco dinner.

But the truth is, with a bit of elbow grease you can cut the cost in half by making them yourself.

I  worked a summer at a chip stand in North Bay – burger boot camp I’ll call it – the recipe is open to interpretation – some meat, some binding agent, some bread crumbs, some spice.

I’m trying a new veggie patty recipe I saw on You Gotta Eat here with chick peas and roasted veg. I’ll let you know how I make out – but it’s basically a half a bag of beans, some roasted veg – carrots, garlic and potatoes will do – blended together in the food processor, some spice and they bake for a half hour.

Some spicy mayo, toasted buns (the day old bread you freeze is perfect for this), fresh lettuce and tomoatoes  – and you’re in patty paradise.


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