Act 145

Make a Sunday Sundae

It would seem that a sundae was invented to cover ice cream up so it didn’t appear to be ice cream so you could eat it on Sunday (which was prohibited by law).

Now, thank heavens, we can eat ice cream on any day of the week but the price of the indulgence can be prohibitive. A Peanut Buster Parfait at DQ will run you about $6. You can pick up syrup at the store – but it’s prohibitive too. So we make our own.

Pick up a few bananas (still the budget friendliest fruit at the store), some ice cream (watch for sales – seems almost always one brand is on special). Chocolate sauce is 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and some cream melted over hot water. Strawberry sauce is simple to make as well. If you’ve got strawberries and sugar, you’re good to go. Add some sprinkles or just have it in a cone – whatever suits your fancy – and have a Sunday sundae party.

It’s a sweet ending (or beginning) to another week.



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