Act 144

Play a board game (well, except maybe this one…)

I checked out a few garage sales today with my next door neighbour buddy. We had so much fun. I found a few vintage pieces for my kitchen collection, some wooden checkers, a couple of vintage board games, some dice and a great old work bench.

I found the first vintage board game at a  community garage sale for the SPCA. It’s called  Stock Ticker – and I bought it not to play it but to be sure no one else would – eek. Here’s a picture of the game description – disturbing – but hilarious all the same.

game2 game1

So I’ll stick to Yahtzee and spare my children the lessons of stock ticker – that is, unless I preface it by making them watch Inside Job first so they can understand the real power of the games that grown ups play.


3 thoughts on “Act 144

  1. We played stock ticker with our youngest son all the time – not for the consumerism of the stock market – can care less about that, but it’s a great game for practicing quick math facts for 5’s, 10’s, 25’s…. (can’t remember all the values). He was able to quickly add up (and eventually multiply) groups of these numbers. Board Games are a great way to help your kids learn math facts. Turn of the tube and all the other electronic devices and plug into some good old-fashioned fun. Have a laugh and exercise those brain cells.

  2. LOVED this game as a kid. My sibs and I played it at the grandparents’ cottage – discovered it in an attic. If you decide to get rid of it, let me know – I live just “a ways” up the road….

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