Act 131

bikeRedefine new

For mother’s day, do we really want new mattresses, big screen TVs or shiny stainless steel appliances? This is what the mother’s day marketing madness would have us believe.

Well, I don’t. What I want is a sense of new. A day to regroup, recoup and remember that being a mom is the most important job of all.

I did ask for something – for my hubby to take an old bike I rescued from the landfill  – and renew it. New tubes and a bit of WD 40 did the job. And I love my new-to-me vintage three speed cruiser.

It’s not about what is new – it’s about what is new to you. If you can change that definition, you can change the way you spend (or don’t spend) your money.

And as I ride around the streets of my neighbourhood this perfect spring mother’s day, I must say, I feel brand new too.


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