Act 118

Say “Basta” to bottled pasta sauce

It’s easier, faster, yummier and cheaper to make your own pasta sauce – red or white, meat or veggie.

It might be more convenient to spend a few dollars on a jar of sauce but you can make your own with a tiny bit more time and at least you’ll know what’s really in it.

I made an alfredo/carbonara in all of 5 minutes and it probably cost less than a dollar. Plus nothing is wasted because we only made what we needed.

It’s a common refrain on this site – but convenience is costly. So spend the time, save the money and use what you’ve got. Every dollar you don’t spend is money saved for something else.

Buon appetito!


One thought on “Act 118

  1. We buy a box of romas in the late summer and roast them on the bbq (olive oil plus salt and pepper) along with garlic cloves and some hot cherry peppers. We throw them in batches in the blender, then put the whole bunch in a giant stock pot on the stove to reduce for a while. We can it in sterilized jars with the appropriate amount of vinegar to add acidity, and it is absolutely fabulous in the winter months. A small bottle on pasta makes the quickest, most delicious comfort food.

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