Act 115

Check the tag.

Think about the people who make the garments that you buy.


2 thoughts on “Act 115

  1. While somewhat “off topic” regarding ethical clothing, the various laundry symbols have me thinking, which is more economical to use as fabric soteners? For my scrub rags (I clean houses) I just use vinegar and let them air dry on a clothes rack to save $$. For you personal laundry I use either Downey or Fleecy, but use the HE type that is very concentrated so use much less than even recommended on the blottle. The cheaper stuff is too watered down. I prefer a liquid f.s. to thos sheets, as in the summer I hange my clothes outside so can’t use sheets. Whenever I do have to use sheets though, I cut them in half. What is your take on this? Maybe an “Act” to post wr/t fabric softeners?

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