Act 108

Barter smarter

Bartering is typically something you see more of in challenging economic times and it’s something we see a great deal of online – buy and sell pages, freecycle sites, kijiji, e-bay – the web has revolutionized the sale and trade of used goods – and it’s also changing the way the economy works. But, at its core, it’s all about bartering – trading what you have for what you want without currency.

Barter smarter. If you have a good or a service you can trade to get something you need – bartering is a great means of exchange and it can change the way you look at the things you have and their real value to you. Plus, if you can buy used, you’re helping to recycle or upcycle a good that might have otherwise been discarded.

I know the government doesn’t like it and I’m not suggesting you avoid your duties as a tax payer, but bartering is always an option, it’s the first form of commerce and is older than currency itself.


An 1874 newspaper illustration from Harper’s Weekly, showing a man engaging in barter: offering chickens in exchange for his yearly newspaper subscription.

Source: Wikipedia



2 thoughts on “Act 108

  1. A couple of weeks ago, a man that owns a medical supply place needed some repairs on a couple pr. of pants which I did. Instead of being paid $$ I asked for a box of disposal examination gloves! Write off for him and I have gloves for a year!

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