Act 101

Wash in cold water.

I don’t mean you specifically. But your clothes. It makes a difference. My gas bill is lower because I wash in cold water.

And while we’re at it, think about doing less laundry. I can wear things more than once, as it turns out, and it’s just fine. Better for your clothes and better for your budget.

If you can, put your dryer out of business and hang your clothes on the line. Not possible year round here, but if it were, I’d be doing that too.

6 thoughts on “Act 101

  1. Have you heard about reclaiming dryer heat to use it in your home? I need to try this! Why don’t we all do this? It seems so obvious yet I have never thought of it before.

      • You will need an extra filter on the dryer tube at the end and a dehumidifier. We found that the moisture from the dryer was huge and needed to be dealt with or you can end up with mold issues and fogged windows. Your lint filter on your dryer does not screen all the lint out of the air leaving the dryer either so plan to filter again. And clean, clean, clean your dryer tube creation regularly to prevent the possibility of a dryer fire. There may be kits out there for conversions now.

  2. We only tried the dryer indoor heating for a few days. My husband thought it would be as simple as unhooking the dryer hose. Wrong! Quickly realized we’d need a dehumidifier. I also worried about fine particulate in the air and the ‘boom’ factor of lint in the air. We went back to the ‘old’ way- less loads, a towel in the dryer to speed drying up…. Since my last comment to you, I’ve cruised the Internet and there is lots of material out there including a very interesting point about house insurance issues. ‘sigh’. Nothing is as simple as it first seems.

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