Act 93

Pack a paper bag lunch

For my entire elementary career, I ate the very same thing for lunch: bologna sandwich, grape koolaid and an apple. School lunches are a great deal more elaborate now. There’s ice packs and tupperware, cloth insulated lunch bags, packaged treats. It’s a bit much. I complied for awhile but this year, I’ve gone old school. My boys get a good old fashioned paper bag lunch, with, you guessed it, a sandwich, a drink and some fruit. I’ve shunned the cloth insulated bags (that just get gross after a few days anyway), the tupperware, the plastic zip locked bags. The sandwiches are wrapped in wax paper, the apple doesn’t need packaging and the juice comes in a box or I send them with a water bottle. No more convenience sized mini oreos or yogurt in tubes.

I have an affinity for paper bag lunches. A few years ago, I published a book by author Don Sawyer called The Lunch Bag Chronicles. For six years, he drew on his daughter’s lunch bags – a joke, a riddle, a story – something to let them know he was thinking of them. It’s a great book and a real love story.

So it’s no surprise that the lunch bag has found its way back to my kitchen. It’s cheaper and more practical. And here are a few examples of how much more fun a lunch bag can be.



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