Act 85

Give the gift of a goal

It’s birthday season around these parts and rather than just go out and buy the thing du jour, I had to rethink my plan this time around. And I’m pleased with the outcome.

The goal is to save enough money to buy the thing. The plan is to make it a project. To save birthday money, allowance – come up with a budget and a time line – and price it out. He’s already been on several sites to price compare and is taking seriously about an e-bay account to sell the stuff he no longer wants. Not bad for my little budding entrepreneur.

So for his birthday, he got a project and a goal. And of course, the requisite silly present – a joke box full of old school pranks – the floaty eyeball, the squirt ring, the fake you know what. Cause every body deserves a good giggle on their birthday, no matter how old they are or how big their goal is.

Photo 217


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