Act 75

Think about what happens to your money after you spend it.

Debt defying isn’t about getting the cheapest deal. It’s about getting the best deal. What’s the difference? That’s up to you.

We are all economic agents. Our spending choices impact our economy, locally, regionally, provincially, nationally and yup, even globally.

The fortunate thing about capitalism is that we all have choices. The unfortunate bit is that we don’t always maximize what we can do with those choices.

Choosing not to buy is also a choice. As is choosing to share, upcycle, trade or barter.

Choosing to support local merchants who support a cause that matters to you can pack a powerful punch. As can choosing not to support local merchants whose price points don’t work for your budget. But having said that, all firms are competitive by nature. That’s the nature of business after all. Sometimes smaller firms compete on factors other than price – like position, promotion or product.

So wether you buy your book at the local used book store or or wether you grab a coffee at the big chain or the small cafe, it’s up to you. Either way, it matters.



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