Act 68

Schedule Down Time

This is something elite athletes do. Work out days and rest days. You can’t go full out on a mission and expect to succeed if you don’t allow for rest and recuperation. And if you try, you’re pretty much guaranteeing yourself a one way ticket to burn out city, in which case, you’ll be no good to anyone for anything.

So schedule some regular down time as a matter of course, not a reward, and stick to it. Put it in your daytimer if it helps.

I’m a list writer, so I keep a list then try and chunk it into to blocks of time so I know how much down time I can work into my schedule. Sounds nerdy, I know – but it helps.

Down time isn’t about catching up on laundry or cleaning. It’s just down time. A walk, a read, a favourite show, a hobby. Something restful and recuperative.

You’re worth it. You need it. You earned it. Now do it and remember that keeping busy is vastly different than being productive. And debt defying is about productive and proactive measures, rest among them.


2 thoughts on “Act 68

  1. have a “me” day..check out Free things to do with a gal friend…free cooking demo, walk in the park, Free tasters at the grocery store…you just never know what you can find if you think about it….create a list…decide and have some ME time…and have some FUN!

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