Act 67

Drop Buy-ology

This is probably more apropos in these parts, but I’m always surprised at people’s love of shopping and sense of entitlement to the lowest price and the greatest selection.

Our community recently lost its only department store which has been cause for much dismay. “Where will I buy this, where will I buy that”. What surprises me is that nobody’s really saying “Why do I need this, why do I need that”.

Anyway, yesterday we learned that Smart Centres will begin construction of new shopping centre that may or may not include a Walmart (apparently we are not allowed to know). This has been a seven year process. It’s pitted neighbour against neighbour and family and friends against family and friends. I abhor the whole sorted thing to be perfectly frank.

What I find most distressing is the amount of glee the pro-shopping centre crowd is expressing – as if the consumer messiah has finally blessed us with their presence and once again we’ll be able to shop aisle after aisle of, let’s face it, crap we don’t need.

I think shopping is an addiction. I know I fall under its spell when I visit an Ikea or any store with pillows. I haven’t been at the mall since Christmas and frankly, I’m dreading ever having to go back.

So drop the buy-ology. Avoid the mall. Don’t ask “where will I buy”. Ask “why would I buy”. If the answer is why not, then keep asking. And don’t go to the mall till you have a better answer than that.


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