Act 60

Downsize your ride.

I have a Nissan X-terra and I quite like it. It’s a great vehicle and it runs like a charm. But it’s too much car for what we need. I’m ready to downsize to something smaller or nothing at all. All I need is a little car to get me from my house, to school, to the office and back. If I lived closer to town, I’d ride my bike or walk. But I don’t. So I need a ride. I might try the bus for a bit. It stops right outside my house and someone else can do the driving, the fueling and the insurance. I could live with that.

But if you need an SUV with 4 wheel drive that’s apparently “super charged” not that I would know what that means, have I got a deal for you. It’s lady driven and just got a brand new muffler to boot.

Vroom vroom for you. Cash money for me.


2 thoughts on “Act 60

  1. One of the best tips! I did it a year ago. Traded my Honda Odyssey with its 17 cup holders and seats for 8 for a Honda FIT. No more $800 a month car payments. All 3 kids fit nicely enough 😉 No more payments at all. Huge savings.

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