Act 53

Re-gift your gift bags.

Sometimes the gift wrapping costs as much as the gift.

If you’re on the birthday party circuit like lots of moms of grade school kids, you’ll spend a few quid along the way buying and wrapping presents for your kids favourite friends. And that’s just fine. Kids love it. I think they enjoy watching other kids open presents as much as they love receiving them.

While there is a lovely trend among the under 12 crowd to host toonie parties – a toonie for the birthday kid and a toonie for their favourite charity, it’s not quite a full blown tradition yet.

We host our fair share of birthday parties too. One in the Fall, one in the Spring. Over the years, I’ve collected many a lovely gift bag, too nice to throw away or put in the curbside recycling, so I kept them and now I upcycle them for other birthday parties. I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen them go around the circuit once or twice.

It’s sensible and sustainable. And let’s face it. It’s only a bag. Like most things in life, It’s what’s inside that counts.


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