Act 29

Shake it and bake it

Did your mom ever use shake and bake? I don’t think mine did – all the same – it’s one of those convenience foods that can, let’s face it, be well, more convenient than sensible.

Did you know you can buy Shake ‘n Bake on Amazon – an 8 pack is 20.15 (I wonder if that includes shipping).

Hhm. All the same. Make your own bread crumbs, add salt, pepper and your favourite spices – find a bag – and away you go.

Truth be told, for the price of 8 chicken thighs ($3.50) and my home made bread crumb concoction, my meal will cost – uhm, less than a box of convenient shake ‘n bake.

Now that, my friends, is debt defying.

Bon Appetit!


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