Act 15

Laches Pas!

That’s French for “Don’t give up”. Somehow it has more authority in French. As if Yoda himself appeared and ordered you to give up not.

This is of particular interest to those of you, who like me, are self-employed. There are tough days. Today was one of them. Actually the 15th and 30th of any month are tough when you have payroll to meet and/or remittances to submit.

At the same time, I watch in despair as the business media discuss the merits of our Government setting aside 400 million dollars for the venture capital industry to help them and the new starts up for whom they want to raise funds, through a “difficult” period.

Existing small business represents 98% of the Canadian economy. And very little is “set aside” by our Government to assist the real economic engine of this country stay alight.

So, back to me for a moment. I had a situation to address today. An overdue expense resulted in my firm being in danger of losing a job that would have gone a long way in addressing overdue expenses.

But fear not, a quick phone call and calculation later, the situation will be resolved and the opportunity will put me back on track. Silver lining, if you will

A year ago, this scenario would have gutted me. The sheer shame of the situation would have persuaded me to pack it in. But I’m past that now. I can’t afford the drama. I have work to do.

So if you face a seemingly impossible situation, get out your calculator and get on the phone. It can be fixed.

Most honest creditors will tell you that what they really want is to keep in touch and work towards a solution. The money itself is not the issue. So get in touch and work towards a solution.

Then get it done and move on. Don’t give up. Ever. There are too many people counting on small business to walk away now.



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