Act 12

Share well with others.

Our neighbours plough our driveway in winter.  We help with the leaves in fall. They mow our lawn sometimes too. We pet sit when they’re away. We share tools, and services and ideas and even ketchup, coffee and dish tabs when required.

As human beings we have this thing called “reciprocity” built into our DNA – no really, it’s true. And it’s in the nature of a community to look out for one another.

I think part of the reason so many of us find ourselves in difficult debt is because as an economy, we’ve tried to commodify and commercialize everything. Every tree, every stream, ever piece of land and many a human kindness.

To benefit from a sharing community, we must adopt the idea of a sharing economy (and it’s coming – just google it). So if you can foster a kind relationship with a neighbour, you can help each other out and save money too. But the money’s the least of the benefit here. Feeling connected and helping each other out is the greater gain on all accounts.


3 thoughts on “Act 12

  1. We just moved into an old house (100 yrs. old) on Foothill Rd. after spending seven years in a subdivision. We barely knew our neighbours in the subdivision place even though we lived close to each other. Here on Foothill were the physical proximity is farther we know all out neighbours already. Within the first few days people were introducing themselves and we were swapping chicken eggs and jars of home made jam for a plowed driveway and the privilege of walking the dog through a neighbours yard to hike up Mount Ida among other niceties. Sharing is were it’s at.

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